About me

Rick Alionis

I’m a quiet person. I spend all my free time with my wife, Dolly. Some people might even think we’re glued at the hips.

She is my everything. She has had my back through good times and bad times and supports me in everything I choose to do.

I grew up in Montreal and stayed there until my 23rd year and I moved out to beautiful British Columbia to work in a mine, running heavy equipment.

This was some 40 years ago. I spent 8 years at the mine and we then moved to St. Catharines, Ontario to look for work. Finding only work as a labourer, I decided to go to College at the ripe age of 32 and get my Radio, Television and Film Diploma. After graduating I was fortunate to end up working for Peel Regional Police Training Unit as a video producer for 3 years, after that, I chose to start my own video production company.

After a few struggling years and I decided to go back to school, to Brock University, and get my Teaching Certificate. I gained employment with the Niagara District School Board, from where I retired and Dolly and I decided to move to British Columbia to be with our kids.

This leads me to the present, where, while having some physical problems, I didn’t want to end up being bored. I had an inkling of an idea to write a book for several years, but had a hard time trying to come up with a plot and characters to go with it, when out of the blue, Deputy Felicity Steele and her dog, Chance came to mind.  

Chance was the name of my loyal German Shepard that had passed many years ago. I remember the close bond we had and the intuition that was so much part of her make up. I’ve taken most of her traits and have incorporated them into the book. Chance was and always will be one of those special animals you never forget and always miss, but never regret a moment spent with them. I hope you enjoy the books.

Rick Alionis