Deputy Felicity Steele is a wounded veteran of the fighting in Afghanistan. Before

being injured she was in the Marines with a rank of Sargent and duties as an MP and dog handler.

After the incident that injured her she came back to her roots in Utah and after recovering from her injuries, she found she was lacking the satisfaction of a job to go to on a regular basis. That’s when she decided to get a working dog and complete his training herself and searched the world for the best German Shepard breeders and trainers, until she found Chance.

She completed training him to her standards and approached the local Cache County Sheriff’s Office and made a proposal to the Chief to hire herself and Chance as a team, so the department could have it’s own K-9 squad. Impressed with her drive and ambition he took a chance (no pun intended) and hired her on a temporary contract basis.

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Customer Testimonial

" it was a great read and I am looking forward to the next one .  You captured the love, intelligence and beauty of the shepherd to a tee. "

 Jean K.